Young Knives, Academy 2, Newcastle

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DURING the indie heyday of the late noughties there were hundreds of bands that came and went in the blink of an eye.

Young Knives were one who bucked that trend – their quirky indie pop combined with the geekish look quickly saw them gain a strong and loyal following that lapped up their fantastic live shows.

Fast forward four years; they’ve just released their fourth album and in a live arena they are better than ever.

This 75-minute set was a perfect blend of new tracks from their new album Ornaments From The Silver Arcade and favourite songs from their previous albums.

Their latest album is their finest work and songs like Know My Name, Human Again, Glass Houses and Silver Tongue were without doubt the best songs performed.

It made their older work sound exactly that... old.

That’s not a criticism on songs like Turn Tail, Terra Firma, Weekend and Bleak Days and Part Timer; they all sounded amazing but this is a band that gets better with every album.

It says something that they didn’t play arguably their two best songs and yet I’d rate this as one of the best gigs I’ve seen for a long time. Sadly, despite this you get the sense that Young Knives are destined for a career outside of the limelight.

When you see a middle-of-the-road average band like The Vaccines being lauded as “saviours of guitar music”, you get a real sense of injustice that a band this brilliant still doesn’t have the recognition they deserve.