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AWARD-winning storyteller Daniel Morden will breathe new life into an ancient tale when he performs Sleeping Beauty at The Sage.

 You might think you know The Sleeping Beauty: there is the Disney version, beloved of little girls everywhere; there is the Ladybird book version you read in your youth and there is the kitsch pantomime version.

 But this retelling promises to transform the tale into a powerful tale of love, separation and reunion.

 “Often the very best stories are seen as just for children,” says Daniel. “But not so long ago all of us would have enjoyed them.

 “After all, what are films and soaps but stories? Sleeping Beauty can be a thrilling tale, but nowadays we only know the anaemic child- friendly versions.”

 Daniel will tell Sleeping Beauty together with two haunting Greek Myths that share themes with it.

 Daniel is one of the foremost storytellers of Greek legends. In 2007 he and Hugh Lupton received the Classical Association Prize for their work making the classics accessible to the wider public.

 Daniel appears with two of the UK’s leading musicians: Dylan Fowler, on guitar, and violinist Oliver Wilson-Dickson.

 They will underscore the tales with brooding music to heighten the drama and atmosphere.

 Changing the moods and driving the story forward, the Balkan inspired music has been written especially for this performance.

 Oliver and Daniel perform with The Devil’s Violin Company, which has given sell-out shows to rave reviews across the UK.

l Sleeping Beauty and Alcestis will perform at The Sage, Gateshead, on Monday, May 9. For tickets, tel. 443 4661 or visit