SUNDERLAND EMPIRE STAGE EXPERIENCE: Things are sounding terrific

Amy Lowes-Smith
Amy Lowes-Smith
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YOUNG people who hope to make a career in showbusiness are taking part in Stage Experience at the Sunderland Empire.

It’s a two-week scheme allowing budding performers and technicians to work with a professional director, choreographer, musical director and technical team, gaining tuition in their chosen area and producing a version of Bugsy Malone.

In a series of blogs, 16-year-old Amy, from Seaham, describes the build-up to show time.


WELL, it is only our fourth day working on our performance and already we have nearly completed the first act.

Today we did a rough run through of it and it all seems to be flowing very well. Everyone is making fantastic progress and working exceptionally hard.

I am especially proud of my vocal group as we have sang through every song and added our harmonies; most of which are sounding terrific and with a little more practice the rest should be just as good.

I feel I am much stronger at harmonising now than I ever was before as I have had so much practice these last four days.

Tomorrow we are singing in the Bridges to promote the show which I am very excited about. I feel my relationships with a lot of the cast members are becoming much stronger.

Everyone is so friendly and lovely to get along with. We are all working very well as a team and I am proud of how much effort everyone is putting in.