SUNDERLAND EMPIRE STAGE EXPERIENCE: Technical rehearsals are ‘gruelling’

Amy Lowes-Smith
Amy Lowes-Smith
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YOUNG people who hope to make a career in showbusiness are taking part in Stage Experience at the Sunderland Empire.

It’s a two-week scheme allowing budding performers and technicians to work with a professional director, choreographer, musical director and technical team, gaining tuition in their chosen area and producing a version of Bugsy Malone.

In a series of blogs, 16-year-old Amy, from Seaham, describes the build-up to show time.


WE did a tech run of the first act today and it was a pretty long and gruelling process.

It took almost six hours to run the act as we had to keep repeating scenes for the technical team to make sure they got everything perfect.

Tech rehearsals are like that in any production you do, though. It’s all part and parcel of it as they need time for their rehearsals as well.

Looking on the bright side, it meant we could get a lot of practice of the scenes they needed us to repeat.

It’s been a very eventful day. Only two days until the show now!

Everyone is very excited and tomorrow we are doing a full run in costume. I can’t wait!

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