Young actors (from left) Jake o'Halloran, Jennifer Bullock and Adam Hunter who played Bugsy Malone.
Young actors (from left) Jake o'Halloran, Jennifer Bullock and Adam Hunter who played Bugsy Malone.
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AMY Lowes-Smith has been blogging for about her participation in the Sunderland Empire’s Stage Experience programme.

It culminated in a performance of Bugsy Malone at the Empire Theatre.

Here is Amy’s final blog.

WELL, it’s all over.

We’ve had our last two shows and they were phenomonal!

The matinee performance’s audience wasn’t as brilliant as we’d hoped, but that was to be expected.

The final night audience were amazing!

They cheered and applauded as if there was no tomorrow and they gave us a standing ovation! We were all very proud!

There was also a chance to thank all of the teachers who had made the experience happen. We all chipped in to buy them presents and we made them bears from the bear factory and made them look like each individual teacher.

They thought they were lovely and it is a present they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

We took loads of photographs backstage to remember the amazing times we had together. It was the best day of the experience.

We had a few tears but we all promised each other we’d stay in touch.

I didn’t think I could become so close to people in such a short space of time but it just goes to show you can. We are all like one huge family.

I’d just like to individually thank director Steve Wooldridge, assistant director Gareth Hunter, choreographer Yolande Lockwood, assistant choreographer Zoe Richardson, project manager Gemma Clough.

A massive thank you to the musical legend himself Richard Healey, who meant a lot to the Moonshine Molls as he worked pain stakingly with us every day of the project.

Without any of these people this show wouldn’t have been as half as spectacular and as memorable as it was.

I think it’s safe to say I’m going back next year!

Thank you for everything,