Sunderland Empire audience lovin’ Grease the musical

Sunderland Empire theatre hosts Grease.
Sunderland Empire theatre hosts Grease.
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HIT musical Grease went off with a whop bam boom at the Sunderland Empire last night.

The show, which is touring from the West End, delivered the perfect girls’ night out with toe-tapping music, infectious singalongs and stunning visuals.

Disappointingly, the lead roles of Sandy and Danny and three other main characters were filled in by understudies due to illness, but the disappointment did not last long, with actors pulling off brilliant performances and impressing the audience no less than their counterparts would have.

From the very beginning the audience was invited to clap along to the much-loved music which has become well-known by just about everybody.

The basic storyline was the same as the 1978 film, which starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, but added extras gave audiences that little bit more. Ricky Rojas, who normally plays T-Bird Kenickie in the show, shined as bad boy turned good Danny, with amazing vocal ability and swagger.

Lois Urwin was brilliant as goody-goody Sandy, stepping up her performance to show just why she deserves to be a leading lady.

The chemistry between the T-Birds was hilarious and constantly kept the audience in belly-rolling laughter.

While the Pink Ladies filled their individual roles perfectly with the quirky Jan, sexy Marty, colourful Frenchy and the too-cool-for-school Rizzo.

Kate Somerset How shone as Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies, delighting audiences with a stunning and emotional rendition of There Are Worst Things I Could Do. The special guest was X Factor finalist Rhydian Roberts, filling in the role of the Teen Angel.

The blond baritone made ladies in the audience swoon as he belted out a show-stopping performance of Beauty School Dropout.

All together an eye-popping performance worth its weight in gold.

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