Review: The Naked Truth, Sunderland Empire

the naked truth
the naked truth
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THE ladies were out in force last night when The Naked Truth cast took to their poles to tell the story of five women overcoming their demons as they struggle to learn to pole dance in a bid to raise money for a cancer charity.

Set to a stomping soundtrack of girl power anthems, the play deals with some all-too-accurate modern women’s dilemmas and the largely female audience seemed to squawk and sigh with agreement in all the right places.

The script relied on a lot of fat jokes and often what seemed like crudeness, just for the sake of it in order to get laughs out of the audience, but laughs it got and even I found myself chuckling in parts.

Emmerdale veteran Claire King stole the show for me, and separated the acting women from the girls of the cast as she played foul-mouthed mother Rita with a menacing husband in to boot.

Leanne Jones, star of Hairspray, played her role as the brassy, vulgar Bev well.

However, a lot of this was based on how many different euphemisms for various body parts she could fit into one sentence.

The breast cancer element of the plot was handled with sensitivity and just the right amount of comic relief.

I was genuinely touched at parts as Maureen Nolan’s character Sarah battled the big C.

The finale culminated in the ladies putting their pole-dancing skills into action and Michelle Heaton was particularly impressive as she worked the pole, but then, she did used to be in Liberty X.

Although the show was not something I would seek out to watch, it would be perfect for a girls’ night out after one too many glasses of bubbly or if Loose Women was ever to be cancelled.