Review: Jack The Ripper: A 21st Century Investigation, Customs House, South Shields

SPELLBINDING ... Jack The Ripper: A 21st Century Investigation, with 'Trevor Marriott.
SPELLBINDING ... Jack The Ripper: A 21st Century Investigation, with 'Trevor Marriott.
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FANS of whodunnit? mysteries will be left spellbound by this Jack The Ripper expose.

Former murder squad detective Trevor Marriott is giving audiences around the country a new perspective on the infamous Whitechapel Murders.

Jack The Ripper - A 21st Century Investigation explores the historic murder mystery tale with a fine toothcomb, dismissing myths about the five murders committed by the killer, and bringing new facts to the fore.

Author and show producer Mr Marriott captivates the audience with his calm tone and manner - as well as the occasional snippet of humour - and is able to rifle his way through hundreds of facts with impressive ease.

Although the show was not sold out, those present remained glued to the informative presentation on stage.

It is clear from the attention to detail in the verbal, written and pictorial evidence he has spent a considerable amount of time in compiling this show - even penning a book of the same name.

This also demonstrated with some graphic images of an biological experiment which he organised - using a team of medics - to disprove some Ripper myths.

Marriott also shares some information gathered from the missing Ripper files belonging to the Metropolitan Police, which he was able to request access to.

Two hours and 15 minutes does perhaps seem a long time to stay glued to the presentation, however you leave feeling more informed than you could ever expect.

The effort which has gone into investigating the case gives a shocking, slightly grisly and incredible new perspective on one of the most historic serial killings in history.