REVIEW: High Society, Theatre Royal, Newcastle, until Saturday March 30

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SUAVE, sophisticated and stylish - this musical echoes the classic era it depicts.

Audiences were whisked away from the coldest March in 50 years to the warmth and glamour of Long Island in the 1930s where exquisite costumes and timeless tunes were the order of the day.

Up until this theatre trip, High Society was one of the few touring musicals I hadn’t seen before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. But it didn’t take long before I got caught up in its magic.

That’s thanks in part to a slick cast who execute the piece beautifully.

My biggest round of applause was reserved for Alex Young as Liz Imbrie whose acting, stage presence and comic timing was among the best I’ve seen this year and I’ll be sure to look out for her name in cast lists in the future.

Sprightly Katie Lee was practically effervescent as teenager Dinah Lord. Her Cupid-like antics as she plays matchmaker for her sister Tracy and her ex-husband Dexter are a delight to watch.

Stepping into the super shiny shoes of Dexter Haven, a role made famous by Bing Crosby in the 1956 film, was Michael Praed.

He was ever so dashing and carried off the role with aplomb.

Perhaps the biggest star of the show, however, is Cole Porter’s music which just oozes class.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, in particular, was infectiously good while Well, Did you Evah? had me tapping my foot with glee.

A lovingly-crafted set and imaginative use of space also helped to create the illusion of grandeur.

Like the musical, I haven’t seen the famous film it spawned either. But after this show, I’ve discovered a taste for High Society.

Katy Wheeler