Review: Good Timin’, Live Theatre, Newcastle

TOUCHING STORY ... Ian Mclaughlin in Good Timin' at Live Theatre, Newcastle.
TOUCHING STORY ... Ian Mclaughlin in Good Timin' at Live Theatre, Newcastle.
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GOOD Timin’ is the touching story of one man’s search for his father.

The show, written and performed by Ian Mclaughlin, is charming, funny and emotional.

Born on the day that the first ever episode of Doctor Who was broadcast, Mclaughlin uses the sci-fi show to track his life as he tells the powerful story of his search for his elusive dad.

The actor, a member of comedy improvisation group The Suggestibles, is more accustom to not having a clue what he’s going to say or do when he gets up on stage, but his script was fantastic.

The hour-long show made me laugh out loud and cry - sometimes simultaneously. The raw emotion of the story was overpowering, and I certainly wasn’t the only audience member with a lump in my throat.

It examines the nature versus nurture argument and sees Mclaughlin question how much he could inherit from his father without ever knowing him.

The set was comprised of shelves filled with stacks of boxes, which became screens as images and clips were projected onto them. The effect was stunning and it really added to the story.

With the help of a miniature TARDIS, and a rather keen stuffed giraffe, Mclaughlin took us on a journey across the years, from the day his parents met, right up until the day he finally tracked down his father.

Without wanting to give too much away, the tale is emotional and heart-wrenching and Mclaughlin really connects with his audience.

The show, which also features Finn Burridge as a younger Mclaughlin, sends out an important message about family relationships and it’ll really make you think.

Good Timin’ runs at Live Theatre until tomorrow, before heading to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It returns to Live in October. To book tickets, go to the theatre’s website.

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