REVIEW: For the Love of Mrs Brown, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

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BAWDY, blue and as subtle as brick, Mrs Brown is no latter day Oscar Wilde, but if it’s laughs you want then they come as thick and fast as Brendan O’Carroll’s accent and delivery.

The whole show rotates at a rate of knots around the Irish funnyman who is, quite simply, a comedy force of nature.

The plot is immaterial, if it exists at all, but every storyline is mined mercilessly for belly laughs, the more outrageous the better.

Mrs Brown is persuaded to try out online dating; grandad is hooked on Viagra; her daughter wants a breast enlargement and Winnie’s sex life is on the up!

Cue a Gatling gun of quick-fire gags and funnies that have elevated this popular sit-com into a national treasure in the eyes of its legions of fans.

The curtain rose to huge applause on the living room/kitchen split set, which is where, as everyone knows, the action happens.

As the familiar cast members appear one by one you are left in no doubt that each and every one of them is loved by the audience.

Laughter emanated from the audience from start to finish.

Many of the scenes played out will have been familiar to some but that did not detract from the entertainment value and, in fact, allowed you to re-live funny moments and events.

The cast never look any other than fresh and if the lines were well trod, they showed no signs of boredom when delivering them. Of course, they have to keep on their toes as arch ad-libber O’Carroll tries, on numerous occasions, to throw questions at them which are obviously not in the script.

A hilarious exchange of one-liners ensues which is a testament to not only the wit of the cast who obviously relish and dread these moments, but also to Carroll for the genius way he initiates and concludes them.

For those members of the audience brave enough to shout a comment, they too are quickly replied to with wit and relevance.

Proof, if needed, of the quick mind which is Brendan O’Carroll.

Outrageously funny laugh-a-minute stuff which surely what we all need. Roll on next year.

Ron Wilcox