Preview: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know, Arts Centre Washington, Friday

mad, bad and dangerous to know
mad, bad and dangerous to know
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ARTS Centre Washington welcomes Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know!, a hilarious show by multi-award winning playwright Rona Munro.

May’s a bit mad – hitting 60 is not going to stop her having a good time; Matti is bad – she may be a child but she’d curdle your rum punch and Mia is glamorous, ageless and maybe a little bit dangerous to know.

Matti’s been dumped with May for three weeks. May likes salsa, Matti likes slugs, they’re never going to bond. And Matti thinks May’s new best friend, neighbour Mia, looks like a very dangerous person to know but May can’t see it.

Can May and Matti ever find a way to get on? Could discovering Mia’s guilty secret bring them together? Or could it all go horribly wrong.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know is the story of one woman growing old disgracefully, one woman not growing old at all and one very scary child.

Families, friendships and pure fantasy are the subject of the latest comedy drama from The MsFits Theatre Company.

The MsFits are award-winning actress Fiona Knowles and multi award-winning playwright Rona Munro, a partnership spanning more than two decades and 18 one-woman shows, making them the longest small-scale touring company Scotland’s ever had.

Playwright Munro’s film credits include Ken Loach’s Ladybird Ladybird, Aimee and Jaguar and 2011’s Oranges & Sunshine.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know! is at Arts Centre Washington on Friday at 7.30pm.

Tickets are £8.50/£6, available from the box office on 219 3455 or at