PREVIEW: Luna, Arts Centre Washington, October 30, 2013

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A YOUNG boy’s quest to overcome his fear of the dark is told in an enchanting tale about friendship and adventure at Arts Centre Washington this half term.

The show tells the story of Billy who, like many young children, is afraid of the dark.

One night he is befriended by Luna, who – as the only moon in the sky – is lonely, and together they embark upon a magical adventure which showcases the importance of friendship and helps Billy overcome his fears.

Aimed at children aged two to five years old, the original idea for the story came from work in nurseries to develop further the ideas around night-time adventures and the places our imaginations go to when the lights go out.

The story was developed through workshops with young children about bedtime and shadows that lurk after dark and it was these same conversations that helped inspire and create the character of Pig, a constant companion and source of comfort to Billy.

Theatre Hullabaloo’s creative producer, Miranda Thain, said: “Children have fantastic imaginations and through working with them and exploring their thoughts as to what can happen after dark, what may be in the shadows of their bedroom and what the moon is made from, we knew there was a compelling and emotional tale that needed to be told.

“The end result is a very simple yet effective story which we hope will give young children a meaningful theatre experience.”

l Tickets are £6 or £20 for a family of four and are available from or by calling Tel. 219 3455.