PREVIEW: From the front line of poverty

NATION OF DEBT: A scene from Broke.
NATION OF DEBT: A scene from Broke.
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WHAT does it mean to be broke in 2014, as a person and as a country?

Based on personal testimonies from nationwide interviews, this show sees The Paper Birds return to their celebrated verbatim form of theatre, to consider pennilessness in an age of personal, and national, debt

From the team behind last year’s celebrated Thirsty, this UK tour of Broke follows its sell-out success at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014.

Sharing real-life stories from the front line of poverty and debt in the UK, this is a heartfelt and urgent look at the debt of a nation, from displaced families and gambling addictions, to beans on toast and blind leaps of faith onto the property ladder.

Based on interviews taken across the UK, The Paper Birds explore what it means to be broke.

The Paper Birds artistic director Jemma McDonnell, said: “Broke is the first show we are making in a trilogy about class.

“Armed with the statistic that the richest one per cent of British people have as much as the bottom 55 per cent, we started as we often do – by going out and speaking to people in food banks, in hostels, in charity and betting shops.

“As the 2015 election approaches we are reminded that politics should not belong to the experts, it belongs to us all.

“Broke opens up a dialogue about austerity, inequality, about poverty and debt and shares some of the real stories and voices behind these shocking statistics.”

* Broke comes to Arts Centre Washington on Thursday, March 12. Tickets are £8.50/ £6. Tel. 219 3455 or www.artscentrewashington.co.uk