INTERVIEW: The Dreamboys prepare for Sunderland Empire date

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Are you crazy about cowboys? Batty about bikers? Get fired up by firemen? Then chances are The Dreamboys could be the show for you.

From cyborgs to officers and sometimes gentlemen, the travelling troupe of male strippers don it all – and then take it off – for their adult touring show.

They’ll be bringing their Fit and Famous show to Sunderland next month.

Speaking about the tour, Dreamboys dancer Peter said: “We did our Fit and Famous 1 tour last year which was our first big Dreamboys tour. The levels have definitely risen, we’ve stepped everything up a level.

“Because we toured last year, we’re like a family. You can see the chemistry on stage, we’re a brotherhood. Some of us were really nervous on the last tour, because it was our first, but we’re in the thick of it now.”

Needless to say, The Dreamboys aren’t everyone’s theatrical cup of tea but, Peter, 27, says that people are often surprised by the show.

“The levels have stepped up, more and more people are getting to know our name and what we’re about. People have misconceptions about us, but once they’ve seen the show they’re pleasantly surprised. It’s like Magic Mike times 10,” he said.

“It’s a fun night out, we always tell people to come with an open mind. There’s a lot of acting, a lot of dancing and a lot of stripping. We’re like a boy band with muscles. We’re on the road a lot but whenever I meet a girl and tell her what I do, she says ‘oh, you’re one of those.’ But I always tell them to come and see for themselves.”

Prior to their first theatre tour last year, the act was confined to resident nights in cities around the country.

The act proved popular when they played the Sunderland Empire last year, so much so, they were asked to return.

“One of my friends lives in Sunderland so before our show there last year I asked her what it was like. She said it would be crazy because they don’t have shows like this up there, and what they do have is sleazy.

“The crowds were very loud, it’s a blessing for us to be going back. It must mean we did a good job last time. Some of the cities we’ve visited on this tour so far have already booked us for next year. We’re recognised as more than a strip show now.”

Peter says the men don’t take themselves too seriously.

“I’m an actor and a dancer so I enjoy the performance side, but no one takes the micky out of ourselves more than we do. We know how to enjoy ourselves, but the girls have paid good money so we try to put on as fun a show as possible.”

Speaking about how his career as a Dreamboy came about, he said: “I was contacted by the Dreamboys and asked to audition and there was about 200 turned up for the auditions. A lot of men say ‘oh, I could be a Dreamboy, but it’s not as easy as they think.

“You have to have a good body, be good looking, have sex appeal, be able to dance and know how to be part of a team. Then you need to know how to be on stage, with lights beaming on you and hundreds of girls screaming, not everyone can handle that.”

In a job that’s so dependent on their physique, how do the lads keep in shape?

“Every time we’re on tour I find out where the nearest gym is and contact them to ask if it’s possible for us to come in and use the gym for free in return for pictures with us and some publicity.

“After a show we are usually starving and we’re partial to a McDonalds, we have good genes though.”

The Dreamboys are at Sunderland Empire on July 8. Tickets, priced £23.50-£26.40 are available from Tel. 0844 871 3022 or online at