Ever fancied running away with the circus?

Andrea Delbosq, Peter Pavlov and ringmaster Paul Martinez of Planet Circus.
Andrea Delbosq, Peter Pavlov and ringmaster Paul Martinez of Planet Circus.
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People who’ve dreamed of running away to join the circus now have their chance.

Planet Circus, which is in Hartlepool this week, is looking for people to join them on the road until the tour ends in November.

Show bosses are looking for general staff members to start immediately.

Responsibilities would include publicity, such as hanging posters, handing out flyers and selling tickets, showing people to their seats, and setting up and dismantling the big top.

Ringmaster Paul Martinez said: “The job would start immediately and run through until November so people would travel with us and take care of day-to-day responsibilities around the circus.

“Accommodation is provided and if people drive that would be a bonus. The salary will be negotiable too.

“We’re looking for someone who’s not afraid to do a bit of hard work and someone who is very reliable.

“It can be very exciting travelling with the circus. We’re in a new place every week and it’s not a nine to five job so there will be days when people have time off in the afternoon to explore and enjoy themselves.

“It’s hard work too though, we have to be out in the rain at times, but this kind of job does suit a lot of people.”

Anyone interested in applying for a position can contact the circus office on 07563 727206 or send a message via Facebook.

People can also speak to someone at the site while the circus is at Hartlepool Marina. It will be there until Sunday. To book tickets for the show, go to www.planetcircus.uk