Workingmen’s clubs ‘should strengthen’

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A WORKINGMEN’S clubs leader today said he is “more than hopeful” for the future of his union.

The encouraging message came from Mick McGlasham, Club and Institute Union (CIU) national general secretary, in the wake of its yearly conference.

There have been recent fears for the governing body of workingmen’s clubs, but their elected leader – the former secretary of Horden Labour Club – is remaining upbeat.

The CIU is set to receive increased funding from its 2,100 national members after a majority vote at the meeting in Blackpool.

Ambassadors chose to increase the annual fee per member from 30p to 50p and raise the price of pass cards from £3 to £3.50.

Pass cards allow members to use other clubs’ facilities, but Mr McGlasham, has stressed that the card is coming to the end of its use.

He said: “The main income of the union is the pass card, but as more clubs close memberships dwindle and cards dwindle.

“In Blackpool we needed to start the debate about how to replace the pass card and we did.

“We are always looking at ways to save money.”

Mr McGlasham has previously warned that the union is heading the wrong way financially, and believes that the changes made will have a positive effect.

“I expect the things we put in place should strengthen the union for a few years.

“It is my job to get to Westminster and convince the Government about workingmen’s clubs.”

Mr McGlasham said: “We have had one or two MPs visit and they have been more than satisfied. We had a cabinet member go to his club and he was very impressed.

“At the end of the day the supermarkets are destroying clubs by selling alcohol off so cheap. This is wrong and needs to be sorted out.”

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