Who are those masked women?

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OMG, Toni’s is my new favourite restaurant in the city.

Not only does it serve gorgeous food at affordable prices, but the staff made sure it was the perfect place for Katy Wheeler and I to start our Thursday night out.

Throughout our meal we had both been eyeing up the masquerade ball-style masks which had been used to decorate the main wall of the restaurant.

And after a bottle of wine our confident side kicked in and Wheeler skipped over to Toni himself to ask if we could try on his irresistible masks.

I went straight for the white number which was sporting several huge white feathers, while Katy opted for a gold one which covered one side of her face.

I found it slightly menacing but she loved it.

Kindly, our waiter Gary offered to take a picture of us both so you to can share our mask passion.

After sampling pretty much every mask on Toni’s wall we decided we couldn’t stay all night and we hot-footed it through the torrential rain to the nearest venue.

We decided to give The Cooper Rose a try. We’ve both been here on previous occasions but never on a Thursday – plus my hair was already threatening to become a frizzy mess, so any port in a storm as far as I’m concerned.

Inside we walked slap bang into the middle of our uni years thanks to the old-school indie anthems which were blaring out across the dancefloor.

From The Killers’ Mr Brightside to Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire, even dedicated RnB fans like ourselves couldn’t help tapping their feet along and reminiscing about the naughty, yet good years of being a student.

Unfortunately for the DJ, Wheeler soon tired of the indie theme and after grabbing a couple of vodkas she marched over to where he was playing.

Nikki Minaj’s Super Bass is now her new thing (it has replaced Rhianna’s What’s My Name, thank God) and she demanded he play it as she explained it is her “signature tune” – her words not mine.

Despite me cringing in the corner it worked and she happily danced the rest of the night away to several more of her “signature tunes”.