What you had to say on the Grannie Annie’s name dispute

Former Smugglers, Grannie Annie's at Marine Walk Roker
Former Smugglers, Grannie Annie's at Marine Walk Roker
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You’ve been having your say on the legal row surrounding one of Sunderland’s newest bars.

We reported on how a Northern Ireland chain of pubs is planning legal action against the new owner of the former Smugglers pub.

The Granny Annies Group, who run four successful Granny Annies pubs in the province, say the new Grannie Annie’s in Marine Walk, Roker, is in breach of their trademark.

The story proved a talking point and was one of our most popular stories online yesterday, with tens of thousands of you reading about the dispute.

Though most people have welcomed the new addition to the seafront, which has breathed new life into the former Smugglers pub, you had plenty to say on the name.

Commenting on our Facebook page, Jimmy Davison said: “It’s nice to see a decent pub open in the area instead of closing one or replacing it with some plastic night club, I hope the issue gets resolved without it turning nasty and either way it’ll not stop me giving this bar my support.”

Paul Green said: “Good luck with the venture but the name is not the best.”

Gary Johnson said: “Was always going to happen. May be a good thing and they may name it something decent.”

Though the site has new owners and bears no resemblance to the Smugglers, which closed in December, many of you were fond of the old name.

Greg Little said: “Call it the Smugglers, the current name is shockingly bad.”

Dave Knightley said: “Grannie Annies sounds more like a tea room, change it to the New Smugglers.”

Commenting on our website, FrayBentos69 said: “There’s nothing worse than when a pub is named after something personal to them that nobody else has a clue about. Terrible, TERRIBLE name! The Smugglers Cove perhaps? Or something else to resonate with the area?”

A reader with the user name Seafront said: “It’s a strange name for a pub anyway, Why not call it something that has a connection with Roker, the sea or the coast?”