We loved to rock the Boathouse

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DURHAM, a quiet, picturesque, middle-class city – that is until the lights go out!

We ventured to the historical city on Saturday night after being enticed by the promise of VIP treatment at the Boathouse and Klute, on Elvet Riverside, so we dragged our friends Georga and Jodie along for the ride.

After managing to blag a free lift from Jodie’s fiance, the four of us hobbled across the cobbles and held our breath as we made our way down the stairs to the Durham riverside – these stairs are not meant for heels!

However, the drinking establishments at the bottom of the stairs were worth the near-death hike, this cluster of bars were a real change to our usual stomping ground.

In the Boathouse we squeezed into our reserved booth and took our pick from the cocktail list.

We worked our way through pitchers of strawberry woo woo, glasses of mojito and finished it all off with a jaeger bomb.

The staff had kindly placed bowls of sweets in the centre of our table and these went down a treat – they also induced a sugar rush which was definitely needed on the dancefloor later in the evening.

The Boathouse was bursting at the seams, but we still found a corner for a quick boogie before hot-footing it across the street to champagne bar Whisky River.

All I’m going to say about the drinks in this bar is: yum!

It was refreshing to order a cocktail that not only looked like it should, it tasted like it should too – I can highly recommend the Original Champagne Cocktail.

Our night was far from over and we headed to nightclub Klute to have a wiggle on the dancefloor.

This club has been given an overhaul and it definitely suits its new facelift.

We all cosied up in the VIP area where we enjoyed our special fireworks (sparklers attached to champagne bottles) and fizz before heading upstairs for a dance.

The music by DJ John Shaw was spot on, but if you fancy venturing to this must-see nightspot be prepared to do battle on the dancefloor – it was like a mosh pit.

So if you like your evening to be drama-free, I suggest you keep away from the top floor.

Despite having to fight off an angry mob of sartorially-challenged students we all had a top night – Durham we will be back!