Too much bubbly on a school night...

Georga, Katy and Cara
Georga, Katy and Cara
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NOTE to self – do not open a bottle of Cava while waiting for a notoriously-bad time-keeping friend to arrive for a night out.

That’s what I did on Thursday, thinking I would only have one glass then share the rest with Echo chums Katy and Georga, but one glass turned into three quarters of the bottle.

The bubbles and the excitement of being reunited with Miss Wheeler after three weeks apart went straight to my head and when the pair arrived 45 minutes late, I was ready to party not sit down to dinner.

However, it turned out to be a great night out with my two favourite girls and the first port of call was Amore to line my stomach.

We’re never disappointed when we dine here. Tucked away in Tavistock Place, this Italian-inspired restaurant offers a mouth-watering mix of pastas, pizzas and everything in between.

Wheeler had just returned from South Korea, hence the reason for our Thursday night catch-up, and Georga and I couldn’t wait to hear her latest gossip and find out what our shopaholic friend had bought during her trip.

We spent several hours over-indulging in both food and gossip before we realised that we should really make a move into town, otherwise the big meal and alcohol would be guaranteed to make us drowsy.

It’s difficult to find a good bar on a Thursday night, if you don’t like rock music you have a limited choice and even old faithful Revolution was disappointing.

We had one big “jug of love” cocktail in our favoured watering hole before running through torrential rain to the Cooper Rose.

Despite being a week night, this popular Wetherspoons was pretty busy, but it didn’t take us long to find a space big enough for us all to dance in and shamefully we needed no encouragement to start doing the dance moves to PSY’s Gangnam Style (I’m blaming that episode on the Cava). Once you’ve had a few drinks it’s easy to forget that you’re playing out on a school night and Georga didn’t help matters when she presented us with a tray full of Jagerbombs, just because they were on offer.

Luckily ,Wheeler was feeling sensible and pointed us in the direction of a taxi sooner rather than later!

Cara Houchen