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IT was definitely a night to remember on Monday when my partner in crime and I decided to cross the Wear and head to the Toon to see Drake.

Usually we would get dressed in our best and jump on the Metro, but for a change we decided to stay in the new Sandman Hotel slap bang in the centre of Newcastle.

What a treat being able to get ready knowing we wouldn’t be dragging our heels up and down the station steps!

After a quick bite to eat in the hotel’s Shark Bar, and of course a picture in its plastic swing (it would be rude not to) we jumped in a taxi to the arena and joined the throngs of fans in their tiny shorts and high tops.

The fashion on parade was fantastic, but unfortunately with well-dressed people the inevitable bitchiness is sure to follow.

The strange mix of people couldn’t help eyeing each other up, from the WAG wannabes with waists thinner than my thigh, to the die hard fans in baseball caps who knew every word of Drake’s songs.

The hype of our night was premature to say the least, after a mediocre concert we soon realised that Newcastle was at capacity – every bar and club we walked past had a queue and they were not moving.

Luckily for us we had thought ahead and popped our name on the guestlist at Florita’s in Collingwood Street – or the Diamond Strip as it’s been dubbed by Geordie Shore.

I have never been here before, but I was won over by the vintage decor and quirky little areas for you to dance, drink or chill out.

I can imagine I would spend hours in here on a night when it wasn’t full to bursting, sampling the cocktail list and dancing round the dance floor to the DJ’s R’n’B mega mix.

Unfortunately, that was not to be on Monday, we were more like sardines in a tin with just enough room to lift your arm to take a sip of your drink.

As Katy is only pocket-sized she felt the strain of our fellow, super-drunk clubbers more than me, as they pushed her every which way in a bid to dance or hug their friends.

When the DJ played Will Smith that was the straw that broke Wheeler’s back and we hot footed out of the exit and back to the hotel.

I do enjoy nights out away from the predictable Sunderland night life, but I definitely missed the familiarity of our favourite bars and clubs.