Sunderland bar to host coin amnesty for round pounds

Revolution is holding a Coin Amnesty
Revolution is holding a Coin Amnesty
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A Sunderland pub is lining up the shots to help you empty your pockets of the old £1 coins.

From October 16, the old round coins will no longer be accepted in shops, restaurants and other retailers.

Revolution in Sunderland

Revolution in Sunderland

To help you get rid of the old money, Revolution in Low Row is hosting a Coin Amnesty.

Drinkers at the bar can trade in the old coins in return for a shot from the bar’s Handcrafted Flavours range, which ranges from pear drop to peanut butter flavour, until Saturday - with a maximum of three shots per customer.

The new 12-sided £1 coins were released at the end of March and are currently in a period of “co-circulation” with the old ones.

Despite this, it’s estimated that there are millions of round pounds still in circulation.

After October 16, any unspent old £1 coins can be traded in at banks but this is only a temporary option.

The Royal Mint has encouraged people to spend, bank or donate the coins before October 15.