Spooked by ghost tales

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“YOUR grandad is standing behind you!”

Obviously there’s nothing much wrong with this statement, but as my grandad died 26 years ago, I felt a bit spooked!

Last week Alison, my two friends Lisa and Ali and I went to see psychic medium Sean Roper. He was hosting an evening of clairvoyance at The Lake pub, in Lake Avenue, South Shields.

I’m quite opened minded when it comes to ghosts and the paranormal.

When I was a girl, I swear I used to see the outline of a figure in my bedroom, but I’ve always been a bit sceptical when people say they can communicate with them.

During the evening, Sean said there were a number of ghosts in the room – one being my late grandad, Richard.

He told me that he was there to help my nana through the bad times she is currently experiencing (she’s been in and out of hospital lately).

He also mentioned a break up I’d been through a few years back, a new man in my life and he handed me an invisible key and told me I’d be getting a new house soon.

This made me excited (I can see myself in a huge mansion or on a yacht somewhere!).

He also spoke to a lady in the room and said that her friend, who died in a car crash, was there – and that he was saying thank you to her boyfriend for carrying his coffin.

But when he told a lady that her baby, who died four weeks earlier, was in the room you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife. She, burst into tears and seemed very tense.

It was a little uneasy to watch.

Whether or not Sean can really see ghosts remains a mystery to me.

But one thing is for sure, I’m hoping he was right about this new house he was telling me about – and that the invisible key he gave me will open the door to my own mansion!

To find out where Sean is on next, visit www.seanroperclairvoyant.co.uk