Seen In The City meet Loick Essien

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FRIDAY night was a night of firsts for me. Up until that point I had never climbed the stairs to Independent or Union and I ended up in both – obviously two very different venues, but with equally-talented acts on stage.

Luckily for us, the promoter outside The Point grabbed our attention or we would have missed out on the chance to see up-and-coming star Loick Essien take to the stage in Union, as part of the new weekly R’n’B night called XS.

As we were promised a photo opportunity, we couldn’t pass up the chance to get our groove on and after a quick drink in Chase, we shimmied our way into Union.

Both myself and Katy are very excited that R’n’B nights seem to be breaking through the Sunderland barrier, in fact we were spoilt for choice on Friday as Revolution also launched a new urban night called Confessions.

As Loick was fashionably late we spent our time at the bar. We were joined by fellow reporter Georga Spottiswood who took one for the team as she is not a big R’n’B fan.

Several vodkas and a few sourz shots later, it was pretty obvious that the star had entered the building as a harem of women chased him up the stairs to the VIP room which overlooks the dancefloor – not wanting to miss out on our pic we followed suit.

Unfortunately, as with most VIP areas, the atmosphere was lacking so I headed back into the crowd to enjoy “How We Roll” and his new single “Me Without You”.

Loick found fame featuring on Chipmunk’s single “Beast” and has made his name in the charts since then, and he didn’t disappoint.

His great vocals and stage presence made him worth the wait – however, his huge black jacket inside a hot sweaty club was questionable, but I guess that’s just how he rolls!

It was nice to see him pay his fans a bit of attention, grabbing their hands and flashing that super-white smile and the crowd definitely made the most of it.

We all know once he makes it to Chipmunk status he’ll not be playing small intimate gigs in clubs, it’ll be arena tours all the way.