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AFTER last week’s Marbella madness, this week was a more sedate affair.

I joined Katy Wheeler at R Bar in Roker for an after-work drink and a natter.

With both of us feeling the post-holiday blues, it was the perfect opportunity to reminisce about good times in the sunshine.

Unfortunately, the sun hadn’t followed us home as we found out when we made our way shivering from the car.

Luckily, the thermostat in the R Bar was set to toasty, so we settled into the deep leather armchairs and sipped white wine and lemonade.

I have never ventured to Roker for a night out, although Wheeler has tried to persuade me on numerous occasions, so this was a first for me.



This bar is one of her favourite haunts and even on a Monday night it was full of pub-goers.

It’s spacious yet comfortable, drinks are reasonably priced and they have an outside terrace which I imagine on warmer nights gets packed.

My only issue was when I went to pay for the drinks I was told they only take cards when paying for food – for a bar of this size I think this is a little impractical, especially if you’re like me and always forget to carry cash.

Luckily, Wheeler’s purse is never empty, but unluckily for her, she had to pay for the round.

After chatting about the usual topics of relationships, work and plans for the weekend, talk soon turned to our current favourite hair accessory.

While in Marbella, Wheeler revealed an up-do similar to that of Miss Trunchbull from the film Matilda – for those of you who haven’t seen it check out the picture on the right, then check out Katy.

She achieved this look with a hair donut and has been sporting the look (or the Trunchbull as we like to call it) ever since.

Unfortunately, I too have a donut and when we arrived at R Bar we realised we had the same hair style – what can I say, we both have good taste!