Katy’s act had me in a spin!

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KATY PERRY was back in the North East last week, so it would have been rude not to go and experience her much talked-about California Dreams tour.

Katy Wheeler and I had been hoping to get our hands on some blue wigs to mark the occasion, but after a mad dash to Dr Funkenstien we realised it was not meant to be.

It was only selling Halloween outfits and apparently our request fell into the 80’s pop range, so the fancy dress shop left us feeling blue about its lack of multi-coloured wigs.

Despite the lack of wigs we jumped on the Metro and headed to the Newcastle Metro Radio Arena, which was full of Katy Perry tributes.

Some of the outfits were brilliant and we were loving the pink heart headbands everyone was wearing – we decided to put our hard-earned cash towards a few rounds of drinks instead.

The pint-sized singer put on a real show, although if that was an insight into how her mind works, I’m slightly worried about her.

We were taken on a tour of a sweet-inspired world which included the star eating a naughty brownie which sent her and us into another trippy world.

We were more than entertained when she dragged a young man from Peterlee on stage, after sniffing his jumper she went weak at the knees over his toned torso before telling him to get off stage before her husband caught her.

I’ve got to say my head was spinning by the end of it, but there’s no denying she can put on a good show.