It was magic!

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IF you can’t see the genuine article then why not go and see the next best thing?

I’m talking about Re-Take That. They are an amazing tribute band, complete with their own Robbie and we were lucky enough to go and see them perform on Friday night.

Georga was chauffeur for the evening, although Katy and I did fear for our lives on our way to the Rainton Meadows arena, when a bee, which appeared to be on its last legs, flew in the window and Georga decided to slam her brakes on surrounded by traffic.

Good reaction time by the driver behind meant we did make it to the arena in one piece, but in serious need of a glass of vino!

Drink in hand we made our way to the VIP area and grabbed some good seats before we were wowed by Lady Gaga – no not the real one, but in all honesty I think she was actually better than the original!

There are not many people who can pull off a metallic leotard, but this Gaga tribute did, and did it well.

The female fans were on the edge of their seats and fortunately we didn’t have to wait long for the main event.

The four piece performed a brilliant set, which included old classics and current hits.

They then gave the singing a rest and invited four ladies from the audience to join them on stage.

Obviously myself, Katy and Georga were keen to be picked, but we missed out this time and from the looks on the lucky chosen women’s faces we missed a treat.

As we polished off our second bottle of wine we were each handed a glow stick - I was as confused as to why until the boys started singing Hold Up A Light.

The arena was full of little green glow sticks waving in time, not something you see every day.

No Take That tribute would be complete without a token Robbie and he really made an entrance, he had us all out of our seats and jumping around to Let Me Entertain You.

By the end of the show everyone was on their feet dancing. I certainly enjoyed the show more than I thought I would and it was a great alternative to the usual Friday night out in Sunderland.