It’s Pimms o’clock on the terrace

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WHAT do you do with an extra bank holiday? Well we decided we should celebrate the Jubilee by trying the latest cocktail offerings at Revolution.

Just in time for the football starting this week, they have launched the champion cocktail – Absolut Passion.

It’s set to be a real crowd pleaser as this tropical drink had me and Katy hooked - one just wasn’t enough and if the sun finally decides to head back to the North East we will definitely be heading on to the Revolution terrace for some more of these.

But that wasn’t the only new cocktail on offer they have also added lip smackingly good Strawberry Pimms to the teapot collection.

For those of you who have never partaken in this particular tipple, you get your favourite cocktail served in a teapot for no other reason than good old fashioned novelty value.

But as Pimms is the quintessential British summer sharer, pouring it from a teapot did not seem strange at all.

We weren’t the only ones who had decided to quench our Jubilee thirst with Revs cocktails as the bar was full of bleary eyed revellers topping up their bank holiday alcohol levels. We finished off our afternoon session in Ttonic as we had heard they had a novel drinks offer – spin the bottle!

Intrigued by the fact the slogan said you could win your drinks for free, Katy and I decided to give it a go – it is in fact a modern version of the classic teenage game.

With every alcoholic beverage you buy you get given the opportunity to press a button and watch the plasma screen next to the bar to see where the digital bottle lands.

We managed to swipe two bottles of Carling zest thanks to this game but you also have the chance to get 2-4-1, shots or free drinks.

It only runs between 4pm and 8pm but it’s perfect for when you finish work or like us you’re out during the day.

It’s refreshing to see bars trying something different to get punters in – all old school games are welcome as far as we’re concerned.

 Maybe Twister will make a come back?