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WE’RE always looking for new bars and events to attend and it was good-old Twitter which alerted us to this one.

Billed as “something different” for South Shields, Life of Riley seemed worthy of a trip across the Wear.

With Cara away for the weekend – sometimes she has the cheek to go places without me – I hooked up with Sanddancer pal and Echo chum Georga Spottiswood for the night, to see if this new watering hole lived up to the cyber hype.

It’s years since I’ve been for a night out in Shields. Back in the day, when I was a wee teenage pubber, it was the place to be.

I would don my highest pair of Spice Girls-esque wedges (shudders at the memory) and clamber aboard the E2 for a night on the Shields tiles.

In those days, it was all about DeNiro’s, Venue and Ocean, but I’m hoping Life of Riley marks the dawn of a classier era in the town.

Shields isn’t known for its vibrant Thursday-night scene, but as this was VIP opening night, the place was buzzing.

Georga used to be a barmaid here when it was Atlantic and assured me it was unrecognisable from its former guise. Today it’s one of those gastro-pubs which seem all the rage, and I was impressed with its trendy, laid-back feel.

With its funky lampshades, retro wallpaper and quirky frames filled with pictures of ye olde worlde Shields, there’s obviously been attention to detail paid to making this stand out from the other pubs in Mile End Road.

As it was a school night we were shattered and needed something to keep us awake.

The summer fever pitcher did the trick – a vodka, lemon and lime blend for £14.95. It was washed down with some top-notch acoustic acts.

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