Here come the laughs!

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I’VE never laughed so much in all my life.

The film Bridesmaids made the girls and I chortle from start to finish.

As Cara is getting married next year and Katy and I have been given the honour of being her bridesmaids, we thought it would be fitting to watch it.

So we trotted off to Cineworld Boldon – and oh my God, are we glad we did.

The film stars Kristen Wiig as Annie, a failed bakery owner who’s not only lost her job, has been kicked out of her flat, but also has an idiot of a man who uses her when he pleases.

And to top it off, her best friend Lillian (Maya Rudolph) announces she’s engaged.

Queue Helen, Lilian’s new friend that’s on the scene – a wealthy and beautiful woman who quickly assumes control of planning all the pre-wedding festivities – and you have a recipe for disaster.

The film focuses on how female friendships can be tested, how us women get a bit of the green-eyed monster from time to time and how sometimes we feel totally sorry for ourselves.

All these emotions are represented in the funniest scenes and I almost wet myself when the ladies are in the poshest bridal store trying on dresses when they get a bout of food poisoning.

Let’s just say it’s not pleasant!

Throw into the mix an Irish cop named Rhodes who’s lusting after Annie and a larger-than-life sister-in-law who’s rather crude, and you have a film that will make you giggle for hours on end.

It also gave us plenty of ideas for Cara’s hen party (food poisoning not included!), and we can’t wait to get organising and see what tricks we can pull from our sleeves.

Cara, beware!