Glowing stars reem-ly nice

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AS a dedicated The Only Way Is Essex fan I was quick to accept an invite by Katy Wheeler to attend Durham’s first Reem party.

Originally from Essex, I love the chance to embrace my roots so this was a party not to be missed.

Not only was it a chance to meet a few of the stars of the show, but when else do you get the opportunity to wear huge fake eye lashes and lashings of false tan without looking like a barbie doll gone wrong?

You see it wouldn’t matter how orange I was, I would still look pasty white compared to The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) girls, Billie and Sam.

As we sauntered up to the Slug and Lettuce, we were greeted on the red carpet by one of the organisers.

He told us we were looking reem and then gestured to one of the scantily-clad reem girls to give us our free glass of bubbly complete with a fresh raspberry.

Initially the venue was reasonably quiet so we grabbed a seat and a glass of wine and watched the fire eaters do weird things with sticks of fire.

I wasn’t long before it was wall-to-wall with fake-baked women and their furry eyelash friends.

The Slug was a great venue. Its open-plan bar area acted as both a dancefloor and a place to chill out and have a good people watch.

On a warmer night I imagine the terrace would be ideal for cocktails with the girls.

We jostled our way through the crowd of TOWIE fans to get a picture with the stars of the party, who were tiny compared to their huge on-screen selves – they even made pint-sized Wheeler look tall.

They were lovely girls though and they didn’t disappoint as they looked freshly tanned for the occasion.

Sam even had a pose which she had obviously perfected which involved her turning to the side and looking over her shoulder for every photo – now that is dedication to looking good.

I was disappointed though that Joey Essex was nowhere to be seen.

He is my favourite, with his quality catch phrases and simple mind. I love that there really are people in the world that are that ditzy – and it makes for quality reality TV viewing.

Picture taken I was on a mission to seek out the vajazzler. On the flyer it had advertised that there would be someone there available to vajazzle you on the night and I really wanted one on my thigh to see what it looked like.

If they were there we couldn’t find them, so after a jiggle on the dancefloor to Rhianna we decided to call it a night.

After the success of Durham’s first reem party we’ve been told they are looking at other venues to host another one, possibly in Sunderland, so hopefully I will have another excuse to over indulge in fakeness very soon!