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ALTHOUGH I love Sunderland nightlife, every now and again I feel the call of the Toon.

This week I jumped on the Metro with Echo chum Georga Spottiswood to try out the latest cool cat in the Newcastle bar world, known as Hood Street Club.

Just a few minutes walk from the Monument stop, which is essential when you are tottering on your four-inch heels, this gorgeous hideaway is very different to the usual North East bars.

Hood Street Club opened in September and has been inspired by the secret drinking dens which are popular in capital cities around the world including London and the Big Apple.

Known only to the movers and shakers these discreet and discerning watering holes offer the finest drinks set amongst luxurious decor.

On arrival we were greeted by two dressed-to-impress doormen and ushered down the stairs into the bar’s first level – it was like going back to the 20s when gentlemen still existed!

We were shown to the private booth and VIP area where our lovely waitress gave us a run-down on some of the best cocktails.

Caught up in the luxurious atmosphere we both went for champagne-based drinks.

I definitely recommend the ginger fizz which Georga had – it was bubbles at their best.

Formerly Bar 42, what makes this bar stand out is its quirky decor, lavish interior and top-grade staff. Oh, and the fact it has phones on each booth table so you can either ring fellow drinkers or the bar to order another tipple.

Manager Jessica Duncan told us the phone calls become more frequent as people had more to drink and it’s the perfect way for men to send drinks to girls who catch their eye.

After several cocktails (we had moved on to the mojitos) we realised we weren’t going to make the last Metro home, so we threw caution to the wind and continued our night at Perdu.

As they are both part of the Fluid group the bar kindly rang ahead and put us on the guest list so we could avoid the queues and we enjoyed a few drinks and a dance before jumping in a cab home.

It’s nice to feel special and Hood Street definitely gives their drinkers the personal touch no matter who they are. There is no formal membership or entrance charge, but you are advised to reserve a booth in advance to avoid disappointment.

We had such a good time that we didn’t want to leave and I definitely give Hood Street top marks.

For information on how to book in advance, call Jess on 07714 101 134 or email enquiries@hoodstreetclub.co.uk