Boogie, bite to eat, bed – perfect night

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IT’S a Seen in the City tradition to celebrate a birthday with a night out in town.

So with Wheeler turning 29 last week (sorry Katy!), the girls got together for a soiree in Sunderland.

After meeting in Revolution and enjoying jugs of cocktails and a good old boogie, we headed to Cooper Rose and tortured the DJ until he played a bit of Nicki Minaj.

Once we’d got our fill of our fave R ‘n’ B chick, we shimmied on to Lola’s for our fix of house music – and threw some serious shapes.

We also ventured into ttonic and Chase and some strange little bar that, a) I can’t remember the name of and, b) I will not be visiting again! It was dark and dingy and played terrible music.

By 1am our feet were throbbing so we took the decision to grab some food and head home.

I woke up in the morning with a nice plate of chips and garlic by my bed. Nice!

Georga Spottiswood