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FACE 2011: Stadium of light
FACE 2011: Stadium of light
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ALL the beautiful people gathered together in one place on Monday night – and it was a sight to behold.

I was at the Stadium of Light for the final of our annual modelling competition, Face Of.

The Riverview room, where the catwalk took place, was full to the brim of proud parents and super-excited friends and family.

The atmosphere was electric as they all waited to get a look at the budding young stars and eye up the competition.

Before the show started I had a quick glance round the room and it was clear we had been joined by the more fashion conscious of the city.

It wasn’t just the contestants who looked great, the audience were looking good too.

It made a change from a night out in the town centre, as I wasn’t overwhelmed by boys in Toms and hareem pants, or girls in thigh-skimming skirts and dresses.

As the drinks flowed, the cheers got louder as each finalist strutted their stuff in front of the judges.

I’ve got to say I did admire them, they all seemed so confident and I think it takes a lot to get up in front of strangers – and they were sober!

Everyone had a great night and while the judges were making their decision on who should win, we were left to mingle.

I had a good chat with some of the finalists and their supporters, it was nice to see that, although it was a beauty contest, all of them were really nice people too.

Unfortunately, I was unable to continue my night with a few extra drinks in town, as the babysitter was only booked until 9pm, but I’ve heard that some of the finalists definitely made a night of it.

And why not? It’s hard work looking gorgeous all the time!