BBQ and vodka – perfect cocktail

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BOTH the girls and boys came out to play this weekend.

I was determined to have a BBQ on Saturday night despite the weather, so my fiance John and I decided to join forces and invite our friends round for charred burgers, vodka and an iPod playlist battle.

Never one to miss a gathering – especially one with food and drink on offer – my trusty sidekick Katy Wheeler was there with bells on.

After a couple of civilised vodkas with lemonade,I decided it was time to bring out the big guns and on went the cocktail fountain – so 1980s!

It quickly became full of all the ingredients I could find in my fridge including orange, lemonade and yes, more vodka.

I believe this was the turning point in the night, as we huddled under our bargain gazebo the beer jackets were well and truly on and an executive decision was made to mosey on into town.

After a quick bit of hair jushing (not the boys, they sat and drank lager while we re-applied blusher and gloss) we were ready to hit the Sunderland streets.

It’s been a while since me and Wheeler have ventured round town with men in tow, but I’m pleased to report they were more than up for a good dance and a pout off!

John’s friend Michael insisted he could pout better than Wheeler, but I’ve got to say looking back at the pictures, there’s not much in it and together they are a posing force to be reckoned with.

You can’t help but applaud fully-grown men wiggling their bottoms to Wheeler’s favourites Rhianna and Nikki Minaj, and John and his mates gave it a good go – their enthusiasm wasn’t appreciated by everyone though, as the doorman in Innfusion politely told them that there was a dancefloor for dancing and that they should move away from the bar – bless them, they were busting their best moves as well!

The night descended into a haze as we shimmied from Innfusion to Chase before ending up in Ttonic.

As the clock hands moved quickly towards 2am it was time for John and I to jump in a taxi, Wheeler followed shortly, but I’ve been informed that the rest of our entourage crawled home at 6am – that is dedication!