Bank Holiday damp squib

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MY Bank Holiday night out proved a damp squib somewhat. It wasn’t the company that made it thus: Echo chums Georga Spottiswood and Jane O’Neill are always good for a giggle.

It was more Sunderland that was to blame.

Excuse me for sounding old, but in my day, Bank Holiday Sundays were always buzzing in the city centre.

The novelty of having a Monday off work waved its magic wand over revellers who knocked their partying up a notch for the occasion.

Those were the halcyon days of drinking when you actually had to queue to get into pubs and clubs such as Idols, Annabel’s and Chambers.

Though last Sunday over the town was undeniably busier than your average Sunday night, it had nowhere near the throng of crowds I had expected.

Still, it wasn’t all bad: there weren’t the usual Bank Holiday queues at the bar and there were oodles of available taxi drivers champing at the bit to get a fare.

Revolution is always guaranteed for a good night out and there seem to have been a few new additions that have popped up including a red phone box and some Banksy-style art work on the walls.

They’ve also started running a live Twitter feed on an overhead projector screen on the wall. We tweeted as we were there and were treated to a free shot for our troubles.

Next up: Cooper Rose. It was as cheesy as usual but the alcohol is cheap as chips at just under £8 for three vodka and lemonades.

It was Lola’s, however, which saved the night for me.

The place was heaving and the crowds were lapping up old school RnB tunes from the likes of Blackstreet et al.

Granted, it wasn’t the Bank Holidays of yesteryear, but it’s refreshing to see that at a time when city businesses are shutting shop left, right and centre, quality drinking establishments are appreciated.