Amore is offering a bit more

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YOU’VE gotta love Amore.

With its subterranean vaults, amazing scran and trendy setting, it’s something different from the norm in Sunderland’s sea of Italian restaurants.

Its intimate atmosphere makes it perfect for dates, but this week I was on mate date i.e less romance, but much better craic.

With fellow Echo reporter Jane O’Neill and our mate James in tow, we headed to this hidden corner of culinary excellence.

I’ve eaten here many a time, its risottos are one of the best around, but this is a venue with ambitions that go further than food, as we found out when we got chatting to owner Kam Chera.

He’s aiming to branch out of just being a restaurant, with plenty of other entertainment to pique your interest from a regular supper club to a Bollywood-themed night.

Kam said: “Even though we’re a restaurant, we’re a company as well and we want to offer new products and services to our customers, like any other company.”

The supper club will be launched on February 24 and will run every third Friday of the month from 10pm to 2am. It’s aimed at a laid-back crowd who want to soak up the sounds of jazz, blues and Motown from live bands.

There’s also plans in the pipeline for a comedy club, starting in May, which will include a two-course meal, bottle of wine and turns from three comedians for £20.

Themed nights will also give you a chance to dress to impress with plans for murder mystery nights, a James Bond night and a glamourous Sex in the City night.

Kam said: “Primarily our focus is food, but the venue lends itself to doing alternative things and no-one else is doing something like this in the city centre.

“We want to give people a reason to stay in Sunderland instead of going places like Durham and Newcastle.”