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AFTER a drink-fuelled Saturday night out in Middlesbrough, the perfect hangover cure for me was ... to do it all over again!

Although Sunday night is technically a school night, I decided to throw caution to the wind and join Georga at the Rihanna gig in Newcastle.

As Georga lives in Shields we both did the Metro hop and met in the middle at Central Station.

Having fallen out with wine the previous night and feeling a little worse for wear, I had gone for comfortable and casual, but ever the glamorous bird, Miss Spottiswood had donned her killer heels and most bootylicious dress, in tribute to the pop princess herself.

Arriving at the arena I remembered that the choice of alcoholic beverages is limited here, so it was pints of cider all round – with a straw of course!

Usually I hate waiting for the main acts to come on stage, but on Sunday we were treated to a dance delight as Calvin Harris got us warmed up.

I felt like I was in an Ibiza super club and me and Georga totally over indulged by releasing our inner ravers!

It must be the strobe lights as we spent an hour jumping up and down in time to the music and we were ready for pint number two as Calvin Harris signed off with his current number one with Rihanna, We Found Love.

There are not many things that simultaneously shock me and Georga, but Rihanna achieved it – her show was amazing, but that is one sexually-charged young lady. I never realised I was such a prude!

By midnight I was back on the Metro sporting a warm cider glow – if only it had been a Saturday night as I would love to have stayed out and seen what goes on at Rhianna’s after party!