All aboard the Woo Woos

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BABYSITTER, check; vintage pink 80s dress, check; pint-sized colleague check – ready to face Sunderland on a Saturday night ... maybe!

Katy Wheeler and I decided to brave the cold and head into town with the intention of meeting up with the rest of the Echo writers.

Unfortunately, their choice of drinking establishment was not up to Wheeler’s standard, so we whizzed past the Isis and Museum Vaults and tottered into Revolution instead.

I have never drank in either pub, but Katy’s face made it quite clear that I wouldn’t be venturing inside on that occasion either.

Like your favourite pair of comfortable shoes, Revolution was predictably busy and playing a toe-tapping selection of music – we had 2-4-1 vouchers, which was another reason for Revs being our starter bar.

Unfortunately we could only use them upstairs.

I say unfortunately, because it was a private party in the club room – but you know us Seen girls, we get anywhere and much to Wheeler’s embarrassment, I sweet talked my way in, so happy birthday to whoever was having a party in Revs on Saturday night.

We loved the circus theme and thanks for not chasing us back down the stairs! Cocktails in hand, we headed back to the ground floor.

It was a strange night really from beginning to end.

Firstly, a very unattractive vertically-challenged man told me I looked like a giraffe (I suppose it’s original, I’ve never been called that before), then an unapologetic woman tripped and poured her drink all over me – it was my fault of course.

Finally, I swear I only had two cocktails and a vodka, but I felt like I had three times that amount by the end of the night. Note to self: don’t over indulge in Strawberry Woo Woos in Revs!