A winning night out at the dogs

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A NIGHT at Sunderland Dogs never fails to entertain me – when the first thing you see on arrival is a stretch limo with a huge greyhound on its roof, you know you’re in for a good night.

I was joined by Echo gals Katy Wheeler and Georga Spottiswood and our good friend Jodie Breeds.

Both Jodie and Katy had never been before, but it didn’t take them long to get into the spirit of it.

We had taken advantage of the party deal – you get entry into the stadium, a race card, pie and peas and a couple of free drinks – bargain!

As we lined up for our pie and mushy peas, Katy revealed she had never had this particular delicacy before which left us all in a state of shock – who in their late 20s has never had mushy peas?

After tucking in, we grabbed a seat and started flicking through the night’s races picking our favourite dogs.

I’d like to point out that we chose to ignore the stats and go for dog’s names that caught our attention instead.

With the likes of Meggie Mixer, She’s All Style, Hat’s My Name and Olympian Flame all coming in first, we had a canny bit of money in the pot.

Credit where credit’s due, Jodie picked most of the money-making dogs. I on the other hand managed to pick the dog that came third in all 12 races we bet on – I thought I had won once until Jodie pointed out that the winner was actually hers.

But we weren’t just there for gambling purposes, we had prearranged to have a race named after us which I was very excited about.

The Seen In The City Trophy was race 10 and the lovely Olympian Flame and his owner seemed to enjoy receiving their trophy as much as winning the race itself.

We tottered across the racetrack on a makeshift red carpet to congratulate the pair and then spent 10 minutes posing for pictures and fussing over the winning hound.

In total we managed to win £30, although we bet £40, so we made a loss, but for value for money and a quality night out the Sunderland Greyhound Stadium is a sure bet!

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