A drink down memory lane

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SUNDERLAND can be unnervingly quiet these days.

And so it was last Thursday as Cara and I walked down to Varsity for a nightcap.

Although it must be tough times for city bar owners, it’s an advantage if you’re out to chat rather than drink.

Though I was slightly sad that so few people would get to see my exciting lurid pink lipstick – small things please small minds eh?

“Prepare to feel old,” Cara said, as a group of whippersnappers joined us at the bar. She was right – some of the girls were so teeny and young they looked to be wearing child-size dresses.

We ducked into the end table booth thingy, me with a gin and tonic, Cara on the wine.

It’s almost four years since we moved to the city and started at the Echo so we had a nostalgic reminisce about our days of drinking vodka in an irresponsible manner and tarting about.

To be fair we were never that bad, but it’s nice to think you’ve lived a bit when all the grown up stuff kicks in.

We also had a philosophical What next? discussion.

For Cara this will be getting married next year – yeeha! and seeing her little boy turn into a not-so-little boy.

As yet I’m undecided, but becoming a hippy and living in a caravan is top favourite.

Or I’d like to become a champion bird watcher and a win a Nobel Peace Prize for making a documentary about a Mislethrush.

I’m not ruling out becoming a buddhist either, though I do too much gossiping to qualify for enlightenment at the moment.

Anyway, it was very nice sitting there and enjoying the music and we had a good laugh at Cara’s latest fake tan test, as she gently went from the colour of a digestive biscuit to looking like George Hamilton.

I like Varsity as it’s a known quantity. Whether busy or quiet, the service is good and as it’s big – there’s no need for the sardine affect.

The other plus is the music. Towards the end of the night, my favorite song came on. Chris Brown’s Beautiful People and I had a little dance in my seat.

The clock struck midnight, we headed home and I’m happy to say I didn’t feel old at all.