£75 for Wearside’s most expensive burger

A �75 champion burger was on the menu for Olympic boxer Tony Jeffries at the Copt Hill, Houghton.
A �75 champion burger was on the menu for Olympic boxer Tony Jeffries at the Copt Hill, Houghton.
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IT takes an Olympian appetite to tackle Wearside’s most expensive burger.

With a price tag of £75, this mouth-watering concoction, on the menu in a Houghton pub, is arguably one of the priciest burgers in Britain.

Cooked with prime Kobe Japanese beef, foie gras, made from goose liver, black truffles and topped off with edible gold flakes, you don’t get many of these burgers to the pound, but they’ve proved quite a talking point at the Copt Hill.

Boxer Tony Jeffries was invited along to taste the dish which has already been ordered by some diners with expensive tastes.

He said: “It didn’t taste like burger. It was really unusual, but really good. The beef melts in your mouth. It’s a bit different to the ones I used to serve in my burger van.

“I would order it, but I think it would do for three or even four of you, it’s so big and rich.”

The burger is being sold at cost price by the pub in order to offer punters something a little different.

Owner and executive chef Trevor Davis said the key to the cost was the burger’s ingredients.

“This burger has the best of beef,” he said. “Kobe beef is a Japanese breed of cattle that is fed on a grain and beer diet and hand massaged to produce a high fat content.

“We also use thinly-sliced black winter truffles which are about £96 an ounce. The home-made bun is then garnished with edible gold leaf.”

Trevor, who has cooked for the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Wayne Rooney, added: “I would say it could be one of the top expensive burgers in the country.

“We are only doing this for cost price, it would be a lot more expensive if we did it for profit. This wasn’t about making money, it was about giving people a bit of a treat.

“We have one guy who is up from London and has ordered it for him and his dad to enjoy on Boxing Day. We had our first order of it on Wednesday and they said it was absolutely fantastic.”

The dish is served with gold-plated cutlery, onion rings and free chips,

It’s not the first time the Copt Hill has ventured into unusual culinary territory. Reindeer and crocodile already feature on its menu, with plans to serve bison and squirrel in 2012.