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WE had heard good reports about the new R’n’B night at Bar One and being the nosey pub-dwellers that we are, it was only a matter of time before we checked it out for ourselves.

After indulging in some cheap pink champagne at my flat, we headed into town.

First stop was Lola’s. Owner Walter Veti had invited us along to try his latest cocktail, the Hulk. I love vodka-based drinks, but this tankard full of green liquid was a little on the sweet side for my taste buds.

My sidekick Wheeler, on the other hand, loved it and polished it off in record time.

As tempting as it was to stay in Lola’s, which is one of our favourite watering holes, we were on a mission and Bar One was our target.

I have only been here a handful of times, but it always surprises me that there are more people on the outside than the inside, this is great for getting served as there is never a queue at the bar, but it sometimes means the atmosphere stops at the door.

Despite this we were enticed inside by the booty-shaking tunes that were blasting from the speakers.

The night is called S3lect and the DJ is a Durham University student, Bryce Fury, who seemed to have raided our iPod playlist.

So great tunes? Tick. Cheap vodka? Tick. A dance floor perfect for busting out a few moves? Tick.

This night was quickly winning me over and to top it all off we managed to get our hands on some S3lect merchandise.

Always loving a prop for photographic purposes, Katy and I grabbed a cap each ready for a pose off – I’m not sure if we were supposed to keep them, but I found it in my kitchen the next morning, oops!

Several vodkas later we headed back to Lola’s which has also built-up a firm R’n’B following since it launched its night a few months ago.

We wanted to try out S3lect to see if it was a good alternative to Lola’s R’n’B Fridays and although the music was great, you can’t beat the atmosphere and the sweat of Lola’s dance floor.

They both have all the right ingredients for the perfect R’n’B night. It may take S3lect a few weeks to catch up with Lola’s, but it’s refreshing to have options for this genre of music and we welcome any new event that may liven up the city’s sometimes lack lustre nightlife.