Wise words for Nadine Shah

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Whitburn-born songbird Nadine Shah has announced a new single, To Be A Young Man, from her hotly-anticipated debut album Love Your Dum and Mad.

Speaking about the track, which is released on July 8, Nadine said: “I wrote this after chatting to a guy in a pub.

“The pub where I wrote most of the songs on this album. He was probably in his late 60s. I never got his name.

“We were both sat by ourselves at the bar and just started speaking.

“I remember he said during our conversation ‘sometimes I forget that I’m not a young man, then I catch my reflection.’

“I can’t emphasise enough that he was not a dirty old man chatting up a young girl.

“He just told me stories of his glory days, the freedom he felt in youth.

“After many an anecdote he paused, looked back at me and said ‘oh, to be a young man again’.”

Nadine Shah will be releasing Love Your Dum and Mad on July 22.

You can catch her on tour in her native North East when she plays Hoult’s Yard in Newcastle on June 22.