WATCH: ‘It’s going to be insane’ – how Geordie Shore stars plan to shake up Sunderland’s nightlife

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GEORDIE Shore stars have revealed how they plan to shake up Sunderland.

Ricci Guarnaccio and Jay Gardner, formerly of the hit MTV show, have taken over the lease at Ruba, in Green Terrace.

They’re in the process of transforming it into two bars, Attico and Verve, which will open to the public next Saturday night, March 28.

“We’re going to give Sunderland something it’s never seen before,” said Jay, 28. “We’ve been all over the world partying, to Australia and all over Europe and the UK, and we know what to do to make it a success.

“We want to provide something totally different and we hope people appreciate what we’re doing.”

Since the business partners got the keys last week the bar, which was also once Paddywhacks, has been undergoing major renovations to get it ready for opening night, which they say will feature celebrities and paparazzi.

Jay, from Geordie Shore, taking over Ruba with fellow reality star Ricci.

Jay, from Geordie Shore, taking over Ruba with fellow reality star Ricci.

The upstairs will be Attico, a contemporary champagne bar serving champagne and high premium spirits, with DJs playing a mix of RnB and commercial music. It will also feature a shisha lounge on the terrace.

Downstairs will have a more informal vibe and will play commercial music.

The news that the pair, famed for their partying lifestyle, are opening bars in Sunderland has attracted the attention of national media.

“The feedback so far has been great,” said Jay. “We’ve had national media interested, but we’ve also had local people saying how happy and excited they are about it, which is important to us, as we want their support. People from Sunderland have been saying they won’t have to go out in Newcastle now, they can just come here for a good night out.”



In preparation for their new business venture Jay and Ricci, from Durham, hit the town a couple of weeks ago.

“We had a great night,” said Jay. “Some pubs were rammed and people were coming up and asking us what we were doing there and asking for pictures.

“I used to come out in Sunderland all the time back in 2005, before I was even on Geordie Shore, and I loved it,” he said. “There’s definitely potential in Sunderland, it’s just about advertising and giving people what they want, which is a great night out.”

The new bars will create up to 20 jobs. Jay previously ran a club night at Union in Park Lane, but this is the first time he’ll be helping to run a bar full time.

Jay, who was one of the original cast members in the controversial MTV show before leaving, then returning for series 6 and 7, said: “This is probably the biggest thing I’ve done since leaving the show and it’s a great opportunity. It’s going to be insane.”