Ultra-explosive festival

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THERE was no need for fireworks because DJ Deadmau5 closed the curtain on this year’s Evolution Festival with an ultra-explosive set.

Sporting his trademark costume mouse head, Monday’s Spillers Wharf headliner whipped the crowd into a frenzy with the electronic sounds that have catapulted him into clubbing heaven.

Since unleashing his signature sounds on the world in 2005, Deadmau5 has grown from timid field mouse to giant city rat, with his electro house tracks featuring on set lists of the globe’s DJing elite.

As well as being a master at spinning the decks, Deadmau5 is a technical genius with visionary skills that bring a unique flare to his live gigs.

For almost two hours, the crowd bounced as he treated them to the pounding beats that work so well in open air settings like these, seamlessly mixing progressive and minimal house, with electro, banging drums, smooth synths, quirky keyboards and even a taste of dubstep.

Marking a huge shift from the softer sounds of indie-folk outfit Noah and the Whale, who warmed up the crowd with a slower pace of music, Deadmau5 had his audience in the palm of his hand.

As the sun went down on the day, his true creativity came out to play as the stage came alive with a mind-bending show of lights and strobes that lit up the sky.

With the crowd right where he wanted them, the man behind Sofi Needs A Ladder, I Remember and Strobe churned out the upbeat tunes as he leapt from foot to foot in time to the crowd.

By the end of his set, his audience weren’t ready to call it a night but tight restrictions had to be adhered to and he scuttled off the stage to the roaring chants of “encore”.

But with his mission accomplished, Deadmau5 departed satisfied and left the crowd alive with energy.

The electro elite, who has dragged a once niche market into the mainstream, proved musical superheroes don’t come with capes and costumes, all they need is a futuristic podium, a mau5head and a huge dollop of imagination to capture the crowd.