Tickets Bill gets more time

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A BID to clamp down on ticket touts is to get a another chance in Parliament.

Washington and Sunderland West MP Sharon Hodgson aims to introduce laws to stop anyone buying up large numbers of tickets – as happened for Take That’s summer gigs in the city – to sell on at inflated prices.

Her Sale of Tickets Bill, backed by Iron Maiden and Arctic Monkeys, would see unauthorised retailers fined if they advertised or sold tickets 10 per cent above the face value.

The Bill reached the second reading stage in the House of Commons, but ran out of time.

However, it was agreed the debate could be resumed later, and MPs will have their say on the issue again on May 13.

Mrs Hodgson told them: “The role of the Government and of the House is to legislate in the public interest.

“The public interest does not lie in a few touts and the channels they sell through continuing to make obscene profits at the expense of the general event-going public and of the live entertainment industry.

“The public interest lies in the Government providing a statutory framework for the industry to use in the interests of fans where needed. That is exactly what the Bill provides for.”