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Kaiser Chiefs for ECHO interview 16/11/07 (single use)
Kaiser Chiefs for ECHO interview 16/11/07 (single use)
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KAISER Chiefs surprised fans last week by releasing their new album online, with no pre-publicity.

 The Future Is Medieval, their fourth studio work, was released on Friday via a new, innovative digital platform at (through Fiction / B-Unique Records).

 By logging onto the website, fans can listen to snippets of 20 new tracks.

 They can then choose their favourite 10, arranging them in any order they like.

 They can create their own sleeve, and download their chosen tracks, giving them their own personalised album.

 It costs £7.50 for 10 tracks, though you do get the opportunity to earn £1 a time by recommending your album to friends.

 The downside, of course, is it will set you back £15 if you want all 20 songs.

 The band say their intention is to “create a music experience that can be shared and enjoyed by all, and at the same time revitalise and subvert the industry standard”.

 There’s no word yet on whether the album will be available in CD format(s), or – heaven forbid – vinyl.

 The album release followed new single Little Shocks, which was also released via the website.