The Sea get edgy and dangerous

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The sound of The Sea is heading to Pure.

Duo The Sea are fine tuning their set in preparation for a gig at the newly-reopened bar in Olive Street on April 19.

Alex and Peter D’Chisholme say their rock versus blues sound is influenced by the likes of MC5, The White Stripes and The Kills.

Speaking about the forthcoming release of EP High On, Peter said: “With these songs we decided to make something different to the last album, so we turned the amps up and let the riffs and songs come through.

“With this new E.P we wanted to put back edge and danger so went back to Cornwall, locked ourselves in a garage with just an amp, guitar and drum kit and didn’t leave until we had an EP that actually meant something, something that was real.”

He added: “We went crazy on the production of Rooftops (the band’s second album) – and before we knew it we were playing these massive shows with James Morrison in the UK, really doing the ‘pop thing’.

“The crew hated us because we kept trashing the stage each night – but we couldn’t care less – we were trying to introduce the audiences to something different – we made it our mission to convert them.”

Other acts the duo have toured with include Muse, The Kills and The Enemy.

* The Sea play Pure in Sunderland on April 19.